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Deware Technology Solutions is an IT partner for worldwide organizations that aim to tactically develop, alter and ultimately lead in this competitive age’s ever-changing business environment. Relying on a strong operational record born out of innovation, multiple associates, affiliates, and a developing global presence, Deware’s inclusive assortment of IT solutions and services ensure that we provide our clients to perform above expectations, over and over again. Specialization and a future-ready approach is the key to our organizational acumen and sagacity. We believe in bridging the gap between the consumer and the IT products and services providing global organisation, by means of our perceptive Model and a host of astute services.

With the motive of capacitating organizations, industries and end-users in the Information Technology era, Deware is developing into a leading Information Technology Service Provider. Provided with the best IT service-support, Deware’s customers receive relevant information that is required to help said customers assess their strategic IT needs. Our arsenal of available customer-services and a developing association with business affiliates is an indicative demonstration of our accomplishments and service potential. Deware makes available distinctly cost-effective and qualitatively productive IT solutions.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, Deware commenced as a full-service IT service-support organization, delivering a varied range of IT-related services to our valued clientele. We are a decidedly young yet inventively vibrant IT-solutions company and are committed to providing ingenious and efficient solutions to IT enterprises, large and small, in order to realize measurable commercial results.

Deware is well equipped to be viable partners to our esteemed affiliates and reliable service-providers to our clientele. We are a global IT solutions company that offers a full-suit of front-end technology deployment solutions in order to aid clients in elevating the effectuality and productive reach of their unique IT investments.

If you are an industry leader who wants your IT products and services to have a greater impact and relative reach, contact Deware in order to get the most out of your investment. Our innovative outlook and focus on longevity with our clients, differentiates us from our competitors. For a strategic business advantage and consistent financial outcome, partner with us.

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Our Vision is to be the most preferred and reliable Information Technology service-provider, establishing a desirable IT environment for our OEMs, partners and customers. With a diverse portfolio, perceivable core competencies, skills, experience & expertise necessary to formulate the solutions, we envision complete, ongoing and satisfactory customer servicing, in a sustainable manner. We envisage being an excellent provider of path-breaking technology products, solutions and services in the chosen markets thereby enhancing customer value by controlling technology, professional services, and a flexible global delivery model.


We uphold the highest standards for our customers and affiliates with a transparent two-way communicative network pertaining to three distinct arms – operations, implementation and expansion.

We treat all our stakeholders with respect, dignity and devotion, while working in tandem with our customers and partners to develop lasting relationships, beneficial to all the involved parties.

We honour commitments while upholding the highest levels of quality and deliver services with complete attention to detail. Diligence is the key to our enviable end-results and client satisfaction, as we are conscientious while attending to our assigned tasks.

We aim to grow in a qualitative manner by means of a veracious approach and by continuously building a tangible communal trust.

We are earnestly determined to fulfil requests made to us related to our target fields and we subsequently deliver results in a proactive and agile manner in response to our principal challenges.


  • To obtain the trust of our customers by the deliverance of finer and valuable experience, in this manner making them our emissaries
  • Motivating a competitive outlook with the functioning of our enterprise at our yardstick level
  • Implementation of our assigned projects in a safe manner with optimum value, expenditure and time
  • Maturing in a cost-effective manner across our target industry and allied areas
  • Being the leading adoptive technology agent with a steadfast revolutionary character and a calculative risk taker
  • Be an industry leader that cares and follows best practices in regard to our environment, community, customers and affiliates
  • Be an enabler for our employees and partners in order to attain and set free their potential to deliver sustainable results
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