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Under our Presale Consulting service, we provide the following aids:

  • Help customers to prepare request for proposal (RFP) for their projects.
  • Prepare customised design
  • Provide project implementation plan

We aid in the sales process by ensuring that we work along with the clientele. We make sure that the customers completely comprehend the software, products or even consulting services that an affiliate is trying to sell. With both a business and a technical function, our Presale Consulting involves complete understanding of the business of the affiliate our client. We have a superior demo and presentation service under this that enables us to reach out Presale goals. We will be dealing with everyone in the client company, including the senior executives to the database administrator for a complete understanding of the product or service to sell.

We are the point-contact that aids customers in preparing requests for proposals for their projects, even create the customized design and also provide with a comprehensive project implementation plan. Our other functions include analysing clients’ process and come upon the right solutions, matching work progress with current needs, implementation and customization of system pre-sales, registering of issues and reporting the same and even project documentation and training.

Our Presale Consulting is the complete process that will help you gauge your potential customer base and make a successive project implementation plan that will turn them into repeated customers with a long retention. As we are the best of Presale Consultants, we leave the client independent and not dependent.

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